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  • Thank you for getting back to me. I didn't know that the price was so good already. As I implied, in the US, we start with what we want for the product,and dicker down to what we will take. It's a breath of cool, clean air to me that I don't have to go through all that with you.
    Yes, it IS already a GREAT price!!!!!

    I'm sorry for the cultural differences getting in the way. I wish you the best, and
    much success. You've got a customer for life here.


  • Dear Mr Mehta,

    Anyway,all ( Material )has arrived safely.I am delighted with the quality of the "35%"(Azadirachtin) which is better than other semi-pure materials I have had in the past.
    Thanking you for all your help
    Professor of an European University
    Thereafter, we recd. another order from the University, which truly reflected our quality.

  • Dear Milan & Prakash

    Thankyou for the neem consignment which is proving every bit as usefull as expected.
    Used as a bath oil it strengthens finger nails!.the tea made from the leaf powder is most
    refreshing and an effective cleansing and soothing skin care infection remedy.
    The oil has even proven effective at making a persistant calcated bruise literally dissapear, Amazing!

    Thankyou both very much for your help and for the neem products.
    Wishing you a happy Christmas holliday and a peacefull new year.
    Best regards

  • Dear Milan/Prakash

    I would like to repeat my order for neem oil and leaf powder.Thanks for the tips on use I have been taking neem capsules which I made up and am amazed that a non psychoactive compound like neem has such powerfull detoxifying effects in the brain.My memory of events long since past has regained sharp focus,did you hear of this before?

    thanks again for the previous consignment.
    Best regards


  • Dear Milan

    Two years ago my brother began telling us about the wonderful Neem tree.

    I suffered very badly with a skin ailment for almost three years. I was hospitalized with the condition and treated with all kinds of corticosteroids both orally and topically. Initially the condition was affecting my upper body, legs and hands. In time after spending a fortune on medicines the condition cleared from my legs and upper body but remained on my hands. I was shedding skin all the time and my nails changed shape. If Istraightened out my fingers the skin would crack and blood would spurt from the sores. I could not touch anything, the skin was so hard and sore my sense of touch was diminised.
    Eventually in January 2001 I began using Neem.

    Within a week there was notable changes and within three weeks my hands were healed. Today my hands are completely healed and my nails have improved greatly. Just to say that I was tested for nail fungal infection and was told that was not the problem. I had dermatitis.

    Earlier this year I had an abscess. It was very painful. I attended my Doctor who gave me prescription for an antibiotic. I never collected the prescription as when I got home I used some neem on the area and by the next day the abscess had disintegrated. After about three days one would never know I had an abscess. The skin was clear and there was no Pain. I am sure my skin problem and abscess were as a result of MRSA which I contracted in Intensive care following a road traffic accident in 1995.

    I prepared a blend for my sisters children who had head lice and it cleared them without side effects within three to four days.The eggs did not hatch and my sister was able to fine comb them out of her children's heads without difficulty. She reapplied the blend ten days later and her children are now completely clear with shining hair again.

    I also blended Neem oil with a base cream for an 83 year old man who had a growth on his ear which was sore and unsightly. His Doctors showed no interest in this growth despite the fact that it was concerning the man. After three weeks of using the cream I prepared for him the growth disappeared and his ear was as perfect as the day he was born. This elderly gentleman visited me a few weeks later to learn more about wonderful neem and he has asked me to prepare more blends for him.

    My son had an accident and he required sutures in his head and both his knees. He was in a lot of pain. I prepared blends for him using Neem oil to reduce the soreness and help the scars heal. The hospital said the sutures in his head would be removed after a week and he ones in his knees after two weeks. When he returned after a week they removed all the sutures as the healing was so good. He continued to use the blends I made for him and today only six weeks later his wounds are completely healed. He is very impressed with the results.

    With these positive results I am eager to bring the benefits of neem to others.

    I am interested in ordering Neem Oil, Neem Leaf Powder from your company again, directly this time. I have heard excellent reports on the service you provide to your customers.


  • Dear Milhan Mehta,

    I have just received my order of Neem oil. I am pleased with the quality of oil and would like to make another order soon.
    Also, do you take credit cards (VISA) ?


    N.B. : This was Mr. James First Order . He had placed his Order with 100 % Advance payment without asking for samples.

    Then he has received several consignment from us every month !
    Payment: 100 % advance.
  • Mark

    02/10/2000 09:51 AM
    To: milanvmehta41@yahoo.com
    Subject: neem leaf extract

My customers and I are very impressed with the potency of your neem leaf extract. Its anti-inflammatory properties are superb! As many, many people in this area suffer from arthritis, I am working on marketing your extract as much more effective than standard non -steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics.

  • Dear Milan,

    I am very happy to know that the shipment has left. I prefer to be able to work with you instead of going through another sourcer so thank you for your offer to continue working with me.


    N.B.: She has ordered Neem Oil, Neem Powder, other Natural Oils & Herbal Powders in her first order. She has not asked for Samples & Payment was sent 100 % advance.

    Till date she has recd.many large consignments. Thanks to her, we were forced to diversify into other herbs & botanicals.

  • Dear Mr. Milan Mehta,

    How are you? We are sending your this mail in order to inform you that we are interested in place a new order of Neem oil.

    As we told you in our last e-mail we are pleased with your quality and we want to repeat other shipment.

    Mrs. Sanz

  • Hello
    Rmember me? We have been experimenting with the Neem Oil you sent us, and we have been very happy with it - however our bugs aren't!


  • MilanMehta,

    We are very pleased with the Neem Oil we received from you and will reorder from you when our supply runs low. We use it for doctoring our bees for varroa mites and I also use it as an insecticide in the garden and around the outside of the house. Yours is a high quality neem and we are very satisfied.


  • Mr Mehta's Neem Oil literally got rid of those red bugs residing in our wooden bed.

    Nina Sawhney

  • Dear Milan Mehta,

    We are trying to create a market for the neem oil. It is of good quality. We will contact you when we have orders and require a shipment.
    With warm regards,


    Ordered 20 litres by Air as a trial order.No samples were asked and Payment done 100 % advance.

  • Best regards from France, I was busy and I didn't thank you for the sending of Neem oil. I make it now... I have not experiment it because here it is the end of winter, and insects are not outside. I'll give news as soon as possible.

    Thanking you,
    yours sincerely,

    N.B.: Dr. Gilles ordered Neem Oil by Air and paid 100 % advance as all our clients do.

  • Dear Milan,

    I am very happy to do business with you again, and look
    forward to doing so in the future, I would like to thank you for all
    your efforts with this delivery and I am sure my Horses would too if
    they could speak!

    Mr Lez writes reg. our Product for Animal Care.

  • Dear Mr Mehta,

    I have been using the NEEM OIL provided by you for the last 15 days.

    Bacause of the continuous use as a hair oil, it has given me sound sleep and has a calming effect inspite having a repulsive smell.

    Bank Employee.

  • Dear Milan,

Thanks a lot.

The first lot of Neem is already exhausted. The
result of neem therapy on face is execellent.

It removes pimples as well as skin glows just
with 2-3 applications.

placing second order in few days



  • Dear Milan,

Thank you ever so much for sending the neem leaves.

I made some tea and it was lovely, much fresher than
the neem I have been drinking. The leaves are a
really nice colour of green, excellent quality.

In the west they charge quite high prices for good
quality neem leaves so I am really happy to have found
a reliable source now I am living in India.

I am so impressed with the trouble you took to help
me, and the reliable efficient service. It's a pity I
don't need tons of neem so I could order tons from you
in future.

Thanks again for all your help

Janna Mark