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About Us >> Company Profile

M/S RYM EXPORTS is an Partnership Company formed by 2 dynamic professionals with different work experience backgrounds.

1. MRS. N. V. MEHTA : Brings her Administrative, Manpower Management & Visionary Skills to our Company. She had undergone training under her father's business of Exports of Textiles way back in 1960's and had also brief stint in Accounts / Administration at her Brother's factories.

2. MR. MILAN.V. MEHTA : First Class Distinction Chemical Engineer, having completed Management Training & 3 yrs. stint with GSFC Ltd.: India's Largest Integrated Fertiliser and Petrochemical complex in India, is the Managing Partner of Rym Exports and the face of the Company.

Background and activities of our Managing Partner

TODAY We Export to 35 Countries :

At Rym Exports, We are proud to be the only Company in the world to have largest number of Neem Related Products .

We Screen the Raw Materials, Make suitable changes, Manufacture on Contract various products of Neem, Represent Manufacturers of Genuine Neem Products, always keeping in view that Quality is never Compromised and Quantity Supplies of the same are assured. Track of Latest Research, Development, Technology Upgradation, Products introduced, etc.. is kept on continuous basis.



However, we have arrangements to accept payments in USA, UK, & BELGIUM.


Registered Members of : Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Export Promotion Council ( CHEMEXCIL ), Ministry of Commerce,Govt. of India.

Service Users of World Trade Centre, Bombay.

India Indonesia Business Association.

and many other Leading Reputed Chambers of Commerce.


Till date Rym Exports has been selected for many awards at National & International level. However those Awards not being National / Internationally acclaimed, we have never responded or accepted them, especially when there are strings attached.

Nor is Rym Exports interested in shopping for Awards.

Customer satisfaction Letters/emails/calls & Repeat Orders shall remain the biggest awards for us.

Whenever we are selected for a Genuine Award, we shall post it here.