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Ginger, Garlic and Chilli Extract

This recipe is a mixture of 3 plant extracts. 1 kg of Garlic should be immersed in 100 ml kerosene and kept overnight. Next day, the outer skin should be removed and made into a paste. In another vessel, ½ kg chilly should be mixed with 50 ml water and made into a paste. Likewise ½ kg of ginger should be made into a paste. All the three mixtures should be mixed together with 100 litres of water and 50 grams soap solution as emulsifier. This mixture should be stirred well and filtered before spraying. The above quantity is needed for an acre. Allicin present in garlic serves as a repellent and capcicin in chilli serves as a pesticide.

Bird Attractant

1 kg of rice and 50 gms of turmeric powder is required to treat an acre. The rice is cooked and excess water is filtered. This is mixed with turmeric powder. Small lumps of yellow coloured rice is taken in small vessels and placed in the main field at 8 to 10 places. This is kept during early morning and afternoon. This practice usually acts as a bait on the first day; then from the second day onwards, it starts attracting the birds. When the birds feed on the rice, they feed on the semilooper larvae prevalent in the field. This procedure is repeated till the crop attains the flowering stage thereby reducing the pest attack.

Tobacco and Chilli Extract

Take the remains left after harvesting tobacco leaves and pound it into powder. Mix 2 kg chilli powder with 3 - 4 kg tobacco powder and add 5 kg of sand to it. Dust it over the plants early morning. The above quantity is recommended for an acre.

Tobacco with Other Plant Extracts in Cow's Urine

Take ½ kg garlic, ¼ kg chilli and ¼ kg of ginger. Grind all these ingredients into a paste with considerable quantity of water. Take 250 ml neem oil, 250 ml tobacco extract and 100 ml asafoetida extract. Dissolve the extracts of garlic, chilli, ginger, neem, tobacco, asafoetida in 72 hours old cow's urine (5 - 6 litres) and dilute with 50 - 60 litres of water. Before spraying, add an emulsifier at the rate of 4 ml per litre. This quantity is recommended for an acre.

Pongam, Aloe and Neem Extract

1 kg of pounded Pongam cake, 1 kg of pounded Neem cake and 250 gms of pounded Poisonnut tree seed are taken in a muslin pouch. This is soaked overnight in water. In the morning the pouch is squeezed and the extract is taken out. This is mixed with ½ litre of Aloe vera leaf juice. To this 15 litres of cow's urine. Before spraying 1 litre of this mixture is diluted with 10 litres of water. For an acre 60 - 100 litres of spray is used.

Vitex, Pongam, Castor and Calatropis Extract

Take 7 kg each of Vitex, Pongam, Castor leaves and 4 kg of calatropis leaves. Grind the above ingredients into powder. Mix it with 20 litres of water and boil it for half-an hour. Keep it overnight and filter the extract the next day. Dilute the filterate with 100 litres of water and spray it over the crops.

Seed Treatment with Rhizome Powder and Cow's Urine

Boil 10 litres of water and cool it the previous day itself. Next morning, add 4 litres of Cow's urine and 200 gms of rhizome powder to the cooled water. Stir it well. Then add seeds which are to be sown to this solution and mix it well. Remove the damaged seeds which float on the surface of the solution. Allow the remaining seeds in the same solution for 15 minutes. Filter the solution and separate the seeds. This seeds can be sown directly in the field. This gives protection and resistance against pathogen and pests.
1 litre of cow's urine and 50 gms of rhizome powder is required for treating 1 kg of seed.

Rat Control

To control rats, pieces of papaya fruit are spread near the bunds of the field. Papaya has a chemical substance which cause tissue damage in the mouth of the rats feeding on it. For an acre, 3 fruits are required.

Courtesy : Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems.INDIA

Cow's Urine with Herbs

Collect the Herbs you have knowledge of which are used in Plant protection.Clean and put the Herbs in Cow's Urine for 24 hrs. Filter it next day and the solution can be diluted in water for spraying ( Ratio as per one's own personal trial & experience )

Courtesy: Mr Kantilal Patel, Gujarat State.INDIA

Anyone knowing more uses of Herbs used for Plant Protection, Plant growth,etc..should write to us. We shall consider it for inserting the same here for benefit of Farmers round the world

1. In the Modern World, for Farmers who are going for Organic and Natural Farming &
2. Importantly in the Developing, Underdeveloping & Least Developing Countries, where many cannot afford Costly Chemical Pesticides & Fertilisers.